Success Stories

"Until finding Wellspring of Life Acupuncture and getting help from Melissa, my life was centered on daily deep pain issues. Originally, I had surgery on my shoulder and tried physical therapy. Initially it helped me, but unfortunately after awhile it stopped working. Basically, I have numerous problems such as fibromyalgia, back, hand, knee problems and neck/headaches. If you are like me and you suffer any or all of the above, you know that these pain issues can be quite debilitating to live with on a daily basis. I was at the end of my pain threshold and was offered various pain medication by my doctor, which I declined. I am a believer in natural methods of finding answers to health issues. That is what intrigued me about acupuncture itself (after getting rid of my fear of needles). The needles are quite small and virtually painless. Melissa also uses a type of heat lamp and I have purchased some Chinese analgesic lotions from her which helps between office visits. To my great joy, I don't suffer as much from neck/headaches. I know I have a long way to go with so many pain issues, but this is the first time in a long time that I feel confident about my future health. My body is being healed from within and becoming stronger, which is what acupuncture is all about."

Carol A.

"I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and OCD at the age of 20, and the only treatment that was provided to me was prescription medication to reduce the symptoms. Unfortunately, even while taking a steady dosage of medication I would still have relapses where my anxiety would increase to an uncomfortable level. After over 10 years of prescription medication treatment, a friend of mine mentioned anxiety could be treated with acupuncture. As soon as I heard there was an alternative to taking prescription medication, I was on my insurance carrier's website, which is where I found Wellspring of Life. I was excited and scared to finally try something new that could help my anxiety symptoms. After just a few visits with Melissa at Wellspring of Life I knew I had come across a treatment that was going to help. Melissa is a gifted acupuncturist who not only has a vast knowledge of acupuncture but also has a vested interest in the welfare of her patients. I am proud to say it has been 2 years since I started my acupuncture treatment, and in this time my anxiety symptoms have been kept under control, I have not returned to taking prescription medicine, and I gave birth to my beautiful son! None of this would have been possible without Wellspring of Life Acupuncture."

Christine D.

"As finally becoming a patient of yours, I was a type of person who was hesitant of acupuncture, because of the word – needles. I’m so grateful that I finally bit the bullet and went to you. I appreciated the beforehand knowledge that you gave me before working on me, your gentle spirit, and your professionalism.

I was in very sad shape before going to you, and acupuncture proved to me that it is worth the needles (in which is really nothing like the needles when getting a vaccine or taking blood out.) The needles are hair thin, in which I felt a pinch on some, but not on all. I should have done this sooner to get relief I so needed in my back. There were times I couldn’t walk well without holding on to the wall, or sit without pain.

I thank God for you, and I do tell many people about you. God has used you in my life to get me going again. My prayer is for people to experience the relief as I have with your God given talent of acupuncture.

Again, thank you, and God Bless the works of your hands."

Aggie C.

"Melissa goes the extra mile to care for her patients' emotional as well as physical well-being. Melissa has the perfect caring, compassionate, and nurturing personality to keep her patients comfortable. When I started treatment with Melissa, I was experiencing anxiety and minor foot pain. Melissa examines the symptoms and concerns for each patient. I have had acupuncture from several past practitioners, but nobody has ever made such as incredible difference in my life. Through Melissa's gentle personality and painless approach with the needles, both my anxiety and foot pain have decreased considerably."


"My name is Linda D’Oria and I am currently a patient of Melissa Peters. I would highly recommend visiting her if you have any kind of pain that just won’t go away. I have had success with her expertise in acupuncture. My neck, back and knees needed treatment. I feel wonderful! The office is impeccably clean with soothing music. Melissa’s first appointment with me was extremely calming and comfortable. She is an excellent listener and provides superior treatment. I feel very confident with her and appreciate her bedside manner!"

Linda D.

"I have been coming to Wellspring of Life Acupuncture for approximately a year now. Melissa was recommended to me and I decided to try it for several reasons, but mainly because I'm not able to take many medications. She treats me for more than one issue that stem mainly from stress. After treatments, I feel better immediately and never like to miss an appointment. You cannot beat Melissa's holistic approach to treatments."

Kristina S.

"My experience working with Melissa has been nothing short of outstanding. One of the qualities that I have valued most in my work with her, aside from the healing aspect of acupuncture, is her level of communication, both at the start of the treatment and throughout all sessions. She did a very thorough interview in the first session, asking lots of questions not only about my presenting problem but also about other aspects of my health and well-being. I started treatment just a couple of months after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder; despite being in the medical field myself, I was reluctant to use medication to treat my symptoms and decided to try acupuncture instead. Although Melissa was clearly interested in learning about the diagnosis, she was also very invested in understanding and addressing my specific symptoms. At her suggestion, we quickly moved into sessions twice a week given the severity of my symptoms - I was generally exhausted, and felt very foggy, with difficulties focusing and a feeling of heaviness in my head almost every day. I experienced a myriad of other symptoms (headaches, joint pain, muscle soreness, gastrointestinal problems), which all cleared up during the course of my treatment. We supplemented my acupuncture session with Chinese herbal medicine, which Melissa chose carefully based on my prominent symptoms. She was also very attuned to my specific needs (I’m vegan) and was able to custom order specific supplements for me. Within a few months, we started tapering the sessions and at this point, I am doing ‘maintenance’ sessions once a month because I feel fantastic. What is remarkable, aside from my increased level of energy and lack of symptoms, is that my bloodwork is no longer consistent with an autoimmune disorder. The results are in and of themselves, outstanding but my reasons for continuing to see Melissa versus seeking another acupuncturist who may be closer and more convenient to me is her ability to be fully present in her work, as well as her clear communication (about her approach, about the principles and theories of TCM, etc.). I would have no reservations about recommending Melissa to anyone in need of healing."


"Melissa is amazing! She has literally saved me, and I feel so blessed to have found her. She truly cares about her patients and is a skilled and brilliant acupuncturist. I’ve been struggling for a few years now, with “debilitating” depression and anxiety. I had tried so many things over the past several years, with the hope of finding some relief. I had seen several doctors, and tried various medications…one after another after another and “nothing” was working for me. I always hoped to find a natural option for treatment, but with feeling so overwhelmed, I had no idea where to start. I was referred to Melissa by my Physical Therapist, and was initially seeing her for back and neck pain. Still struggling with the inability to find emotional relief, I had done some research and found that acupuncture not only helps to treat pain, but can also help with various other health conditions, and can treat the most challenging of all for me…the depression and anxiety. Before one of my acupuncture treatments for my back and neck pain, I asked Melissa if what I read about acupuncture was possible and if it could help with my very difficult emotional struggles. When she told me it absolutely can help, it was a moment I will never forget…it was so great to find out there would now be hope for relief. I started to feel better during my very first treatment. It was an unbelievable experience! And with each treatment following, it continued to get better. I look so forward to every visit, knowing how much better I will feel. Melissa is so caring and compassionate…she regularly checks in with me to ask how I’m doing, and will make adjustments to my acupuncture treatment based on my symptoms. I am so grateful to Melissa for helping me and for the opportunity to experience the most amazing treatments. She’s made it possible for me to find the relief I had been so desperately searching for. Melissa and her unbelievable gift of administering acupuncture treatments has helped me more than words can say!"

Samuel B.

"I suffer from Sjogrens Syndrome as well as migraines. I was taking six pills a day to try and treat the Sjogrens, migraines, and dizziness. The most bothersome symptom chronic dizziness, that came with pressure in my head. The pressure felt like having a head cold or sinus infection, but add in dizziness on a daily basis.

I could not function at work, the contrast of light and dark spaces irritated me, being in a vehicle as a passenger, and even the motion of eating made me sick to my stomach because of dizziness. When I first started going to Melissa, I was a little hesitant because I had taken all sorts of traditional medicine and nothing really helped the dizziness that I was experiencing. Also, I was afraid that it would hurt, since I was not fond of needles. Melissa immediately put me at ease in our first meeting and explained how acupuncture worked. The needles were just like pinches, nothing to be afraid of. After the first treatment, I immediately felt better. The immense pressure in my head immediately lessened. It took several months of coming in for treatments 2-3 times a week, but I was able to take it down to maintenance visits, which is about once a month now.

I am happy to report that the chronic dizziness has significantly subsided. I am able to go about my life without dizziness taking over. I am very grateful for Melissa helping me. She is patient, has flexible hours, great location, and truly cares about her patients."

Maribel C.

"I was recommended to Wellspring of Life Acupuncture by a friend. I have been getting treatment for several months now. I love Melissa's taste in her office design. It's a very calming place, and Melissa is a wonderful acupuncturist. She always makes my visits very relaxing. I just wish I could go more often!

Philippa G

"I absolutely love coming here. The office is so nice and peaceful, and even walking in the lighting and the smells make you feel relaxed before your appointment. Melissa is so caring and great at what she does. Explains everything and makes you feel so comfortable. I look forward to every appointment I have and feel great afterwards."

Jaclyn D.

"I have done acupuncture in the past but nothing compares to Melissa and her practice. Melissa is kind, timely and highly skilled; I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking about acupuncture!"

Nate D.

"Before I began acupuncture treatments nearly a month ago, I was in desperate need of a solution. Besides suffering with psoriatic arthritis for ten years, I was also exhausted. As a mom, a full-time student, and trying to hold down multiple part-time jobs, my poor diet and lack of self-care was making it impossible to juggle all of the great (yet overwhelming) things in my life. My skin and my joints were inflamed, I was fatigued, and mentally foggy.

Since I began acupuncture, there has been a complete change in my physical health and mental well-being. I find that the treatment at Wellspring of Life is comprehensive. Melissa took the time to do a thorough intake to learn about my diet and lifestyle habits. Together, we addressed aspects of my diet that could be harming health and what I should eat to maximize the benefits of the acupuncture. The acupuncture treatments themselves have become a great part of my routine. I feel like I improve after each visit. The mental clarity that acupuncture delivers, gives me the strength I need to make the right choices.

Best of all, my skin and joints look and feel a lot better. Before acupuncture I was in a chronic state of inflammation that I was unable to control. A modified diet, as per Melissa’s nutritional advice, in conjunction with the acupuncture treatments seems to be working better than the traditional dermatologic treatments that I have subjected myself too.

I would recommend acupuncture at Wellspring of Life to anyone that suffers from psoriatic arthritis, as a wonderful non-pharmaceutical alternative. I finally have the clarity and energy that I need to make good choices that contribute to my overall wellness. As someone who has suffered with an autoimmune disease for ten-years, this approach has been the most successful.

I also wanted to add, that many people who suffer with psoriasis feel uncomfortable, possibly even judged by their practitioner. I can say from experience that Melissa is very skilled at making you feel comfortable and always offers her recommendations gently and without judgement. If this a concern for you, of if you have felt ignored or misunderstood by practitioners in the past, then this is a great place to go. The advice comprehensive it considers you as a whole person, instead of just a particular body part or symptom."

Christine E

I highly recommend acupuncture by Melissa Peters, L. Ac., MSTOM at Spine and Muscle in Riverhead for so many reasons. I have been going to Melissa regularly and what a difference it is making on me physically, mentally and emotionally. Melissa spends time getting to know her clients, keeping notes on the sessions and progressing treatment each visit. I am in my mid 50's and mindful of keeping youthful while living a keto lifestyle. I researched the combination of acupuncture and keto. Melissa helps me tremendously with my appetite and my cravings, especially during intermittent fasting. She helps to improve my digestion and metabolism and best of all Melissa knows what areas to target allowing my mind to stay calm and in control. If you are searching for a compassionate acupuncturist that listens and aims to help you reach your life goals then Melissa is your answer.

Diane B.

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